Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. The belief of someone that he or she can do something is called confidence and is a feeling of wellbeing which is directly influenced by the things that surround a person. Without confidence, your employees will perform below their potential no matter how smart and skilled they are. In contrary, confident employees are more likely to try new behaviours and approaches, which breeds creativity and more success.

Building confidence can be encouraged by scaffolding the environment, interactions, and training in support of your staff. However, it cannot be succeeded by surface accolades but requires real conversation. It starts by understanding what’s really going on.


If you’d like to get started building up the confidence of your team, here are 7 professional ways you can try to build their self-confidence building workshops in the workplace.

  1. Treat your employees with deep respect.

Respect is the treatment of others and yourself with genuine feelings of acknowledgment. It contains paying attention to your employees’ ideas, their presence, how they feel or what they do. Respect is not to agree with but to give credence to another person’s viewpoints and opinions. Showing respect for others will change the interaction within your company.


  1. Treat Your Employees Like Winners (Even If They’re Not Yet Winning).

You can elevate an entire team’s performance simply by setting the same high expectations for everyone. You can inspire the whole team and make them confident to increase the performance of each member.


  1. Have them teach others.

Record the very best skills and gifts of your employees and have them share with others in the team. They will be more confident to speak and teach about something if they believe in their unique or special abilities.


  1. Help them prepare.

Nothing builds confidence more than being the “smartest” guy in the room. The secret of being the smartest guy is being the most prepared. Thus, make sure that they do their homework by role playing the scenarios they are most likely to face. The next time, it’ll be easier.


  1. Create convenient physical environment.

Your physical environment should be promoting health, calmness, fashion consultant  and efficiency in order to support the confidence of your staff. Workers need space and appropriate furniture to do their job and relax at the same time. The areas should be clean, well ventilated, and neat. It should also be safe, provide some quietness and personalities.


  1. Encourage them through mistakes.

Without self-esteem, even the smallest mistake can make an employee feel incompetent. Help them realize that failure is an essential step to success and teach them to “fail forward” and make the most out of their mistakes.


  1. Re-express Your Confidence When Results Aren’t There.

When things get rough, double down on the disciplines and practices. Make sure your team fully internalizes how much you believe in them and their abilities. When your teammates or employees are certain that you have complete confidence in them, they’ll reward that trust.